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As Audio part Commons Initiative, we’re rolling out a survey to gain insights into how creative users interact or wish to be able to interact with Creative Commons audio content.

Headphaze is just messing with our head phases. Wibby, or yours sincerely. Silly me, I realized it was about Mr. Of course font. Seriously. We’d like to get feedback from sound designers, musicians, sound engineers, game audio developers, all actually, from anyone working with CC audio content.

Besides the licensing aspects, the survey that was posted in this thread was oriented to get feedback about how creators working with CC audio would like to search/browse and integrate CC audio in their productions. Yes the conversation has diverged a bit but this is not bad I see here the majority of interesting points which are valuable for what we want to achieve with Audio Commons. An important goal of Audio Commons is to improve the ways in which CC content can be browsed and retrieved so that it becomes more useful and integrated in current production workflows.

Remember, part of this integration could include dealing with licensing to making it easier to comply with CC terms.

The Audio objective Commons initiative is to promote and facilitate the reuse of CC audio content in production environments. Freesound is playing a big role in this initiative as, gether with Jamendo, we will be CC first repository audio content to be initiative part. This includes new development technologies for annotating and organising sound samples and music pieces, the development of technologies to support easy licensing procedures of CC audio content, and the development of ols to allow easy access to CC audio content within existing production environments such as a DAWs or video editors.

I almost quit using CClicensed material. My attitude has shifted over years last couple, and now I almost entirely do without CC. It may sound strange to post this here on Freesound but for me it turns out that it does not work any more to work with CC. I also don’t make a big deal with selling stuff. Anyway, except for CC0/public domain. Fact, is it commercial, or isn’t it, when I use samples in a live setup. While using samples, can I afford to a) pay the copyright holder for this commercial use b) take the effort to ask everybody for permission c) find a way to give credit to all those countless people during the live show, what when I get lousy 150/night playing with a duo.

Licensing my music under terms of any CC doesn’t buy me anything, there’s no fame to be gained in the nowadaysinternet where mass media have become media masses and you’d have to run marketing campaigns to get the necessary attention for your give aways.

It doesn’t really matter to me, the searching/finding process is on a personal level, and as it stands, it works fine. Of course, who cares? You see, not being a huge downloader, more of a contributor at times. I would like to ask you a question. License? The average recipient simply doesn’t seem to care about all of this. You’re there when you’re in iTunes, otherwise you are nowhere.

a few of us put plenty of time and effort into the sounds we make, a professional creative process that would usually get us money to pay bills if it were commissioned. Headphaze, it was just me and one of my moments, I’m not being judgmental. Is this a lot to ask, alas, I expect people decency to attribute me to my artistic works. CC0 and get on with your life.

What we want to do is to further promote CC use audio in all kinds of environments, amateur and professional.

Would you find that interesting? Known among the biggest problems which prevents CC use audio content in commercial applications is that there exist no clear guidelines about how should someone get a license for using a sound which originally is ‘CC BY NC’. We’re are aware that there are difficulties when dealing with licenses and many different points of view about them. Therefore, in regards to that, the goal in Audio Commons would be to establish easy and clear procedures to get this license. We are conducting research about what would be the best way in which this could be achieved, and in a midterm future we’d like Freesound users to have a way to license their sounds to producers that need to use the sound with a different license than that chosen by the uploader.

CC0 and get on with your life. Still, good as a first step, and it should be mandatory for those that are concerned about licenses. Can freesound possibly auto embed text based data for. Does Beethoven? It should, and that is kind of outside this scope site. Another question is, does this data remain when mixed with video or audio? That’s right! Perhaps we’re a few decades away from that kind of thinking. Licenses are nonsenses. There is your future. Who cares if you’re noticed or recompensed? Some people add this manually as I’ve noticed in my editor.

In saying all that, this is way off pic and this thread is more about helping creative people discover and find new sounds for their work.

As a reply to DrNI, CC can be a hindrance to the creative process. Obviously the use and well functioning of CC licenses is subject to fair play, and it is true that in many cases people is using sounds from Freesound without respecting the licenses. It doesn’t mean anything, Even if it’s just an atfer thought. Anyway, this is more of a moral/political issue and what we’re primarily aiming is at proposing a technological solution that should ultimately also have an impact on the political issue.

Research Concludes Waste From Test Fracking Wells Safe To Be On Highways: Or View Hourly Updated Newsfeeds In Your Rss Reader

Get the latest science news with ScienceDaily’s free email newsletters, updated daily and weekly.

View hourly updated newsfeeds in your RSS reader. Paul Ziemkiewicz, West director Virginia Water Research Institute at WVU, will present these and other findings from the Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory, or MSEEL, at the Appalachian Basin Technology Workshop in Canonsburg.

About 50 produced gallons water came wells out each minute, when the production wells were completed in early December 2015. Within a week that dropped to four gallons per minute, and it is currently one a third gallon per minute or 460 gallons per day. WVU researchers have been studying the radioactivity and drill xicity cuttings, which are trucked on public roads to county landfills. Drilling a horizontal well in the Marcellus Shale produces about 500 rock ns fragments, known as cuttings.

The above post is reprinted from materials provided by West Virginia University.

The project site consists of an intensively instrumented science well and two shale gas production wells where researchers from WVU, Ohio State, the Geological Survey, USDOE and several other universities are studying what happens during and after hydraulic fracturing. Materials may be edited for content and length. The fiveyear MSEEL project includes engineers, ecologists, public health professionals, social scientists and more. Nevertheless, noise, the comprehensive studies include monitoring of baseline air environmental and other data. Anyways.

Whenever allowing them to be classified as non hazardous for non radiological parameters like benzene and arsenic, mSEEL scientists found that using the light green drilling mud BioBase 365 at the well site resulted in all 12 cuttings samples passing the Environmental Protection Agency’s test for leaching toxicity. ScienceDaily features breaking news and videos about the latest discoveries in science, health, the environment, technology, and more from major news services and leading universities, scientific journals, and research organizations.

Visitors can browse more than 500 individual topics, grouped into 12 main sections.

The MSEEL project is led by West Virginia University and the Ohio State University in partnership with Northeast Natural Energy, Schlumberger and the National Energy Technology United Laboratory States Department of Energy. As well as links to pic specific RSS feeds and email newsletters, headlines and summaries of relevant news stories and videos are provided on each pic page. So, it is the firstever longterm, comprehensive field study of shale gas resources in which scientists will study the process from beginningtoend.

Ziemkiewicz discussed the findings in the West context Virginia, Pennsylvania and federal standards for transportation and landfilling. Transportation Department classifies solid wastes exceeding 2000 pico curies per gram as low level radioactive waste requiring special permitting and handling.

Transportation Department classifies solid wastes exceeding 2000 pico curies per gram as low level radioactive waste requiring special permitting and handling. Therefore, ziemkiewicz discussed the findings in the West context Virginia, Pennsylvania and federal standards for transportation and landfilling.

In Others Ease Of Use Is Of Higher Value – A Completely New Understanding: What Makes People Trust And Rely On News

The specific factors that lead people to trust and rely on a news source also vary by topic, the study finds.

In others, ease of use is of higher value. On some topics, consumers rate in‑depth reporting and expert sources more highly. With that said, while being entertained is more important, for still others.

Over the last two decades, research shows the public has grown increasingly news skeptical industry. How much consumers value a specific component related to trust depends, for example, on whether they are seeking news about politics or traffic and weather, let alone lifestyle. Designed for today’s saturated media environment, this new study from The Media Insight Project, a American collaboration Press Institute and the Associated Press‑NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, helps establish that trust is an important differentiator for building an audience.

There are some generational differences here. Younger and older adults share similar beliefs generally about what trust in news means to them. It can be unclear, however, what these broad factors mean or how news organizations can achieve them. For more than a generation, research has tried to identify the qualities that lead people to trust news. It is the work has concluded that generally speaking people want journalism to be fair, balanced, accurate, and complete. For instance, younger Americans are more likely to place greater weight on factors related to a source’s digital presentation and performance.

The new study employs multiple research methods to drill down into trust notion and identifies specific factors that publishers can put into action.

The qualitative research was conducted from February 24 through March 2, Insight Strategy Group LLC conducted the research in collaboration with staff at API, NORC at Chicago University, and AP. Whenever breaking down what consumers actually mean when they talk about accuracy or fairness, and adding new specific factors about how people prefer the news to be presented, the study goes further. 18 of these news consumers participated in news forum discussions on March 2, 2016, in the Philadelphia area. The qualitative research featured a combination of ethnographic activities and focus groups. Furthermore, every news forum lasted about two hours and included six participants with similar news behaviors. The study reaffirms that consumers do value broad concepts of trust like fairness, balance, accuracy, and completeness, with this approach. 36 news consumers participated in a series of online activities designed to examine their news behaviors and attitudes. Nonetheless, at least two‑thirds of Americans cite each of these four general principles as very important to them.

The study sheds new light on why trust should matter to today’s publishers. There are also some broad differences in levels of trust by political affiliation. There are not systematic partisan differences in beliefs about what specifically constitutes a trustworthy source or why people rely on certain sources. a business imperative, It’s not only a journalistic aspiration. People who put a higher premium on trust‑related factors are more engaged with news, are more likely to pay for it, install news apps, or share and promote news with their friends. A well-known fact that is. Democrats are more likely to have confidence in the press generally than Republicans or independents.

What makes people trust news.

The Media Insight Project, shows that trust and reliability in news can be broken down into specific factors that publishers can put into action and consumers can recognize.

The study also finds that in the digital age, several new factors largely unexamined before such as ads intrusiveness, navigability, load times, and having the latest details also are critical in determining whether consumers consider a publisher competent and worthy of trust. People who place a higher importance on a variety of specific factors related to trust are more likely to pay for their favorite news sources, to share content, and follow favorite news sources on social media. Consequently, the study also finds a strong correlation between trust and how much people interact with news.

Even more challenging, these traditional conceptions of trust were formulated before the Internet advent and did not account for all the ways that consumers day encounter news and publishers can deliver it. The nationally representative survey was conducted from February 18 through March 6, 2016, and funded by API. With that said, staff from API, NORC at Chicago University, and AP collaborated on all study aspects.

Race and ethnicity also matter when it comes to why people trust or rely on different news sources.

Data were collected using the AmeriSpeak Panel, which is NORC’s probability‑based panel designed to be household representative population. Respondents without internet access and those who prefer to complete surveys by phone were interviewed by trained NORC interviewers. African American and Hispanic news consumers are more likely than almost white news consumers to say it is very important that they see their communities and people like them in the reporting. Panel members were randomly drawn from the AmeriSpeak Panel, and 2014 completed the survey.

Out Of A Fleet Of 9 They Finished On The Podium In 3 Place: How To Display Related Posts On Your WordPress Website

| Jun 8, 2016

In America Libby Greenhalgh competed with Elizabeth Shaw in the 2 handed race, The Atlantic Cup.

More info. Libby going to be teaming up with Concise Racing to compete in the Volvo Round Ireland Race starting on June 18 from Wicklow. However, out of a fleet of 9 they finished on the podium in 3 place, a fantastic result given the pair had limited short handed sailing and were a brand new partnership. Eventually, the 704nm race is Ireland’s Premier Offshore Race, and goes clockwise around.

In Newport, RI, Team Magenta 32 was competing in the 4 event on the World Match Racing Tour, the penultimate event before the big showdown in Marstrand in July.

While having been predominantly involved in fleet and offshore racing for the past 3 years, the team been progressively gaining momentum as they’ve gained experience in the M32 and reacquainted themselves to Match Racing. Whilst in Newport the team were able to get a few young sailors from a local sailing club along to experience sailing thrill a high performance M32 in a ‘Pro Am’ race, the girls were ‘walking on water’ after their opportunity! Before unfortunately being beaten by Mattias Rahm and his team Rahm Racing, team Magenta 32 achieved a clean sweep win into the super sixteen group.

Here is some feedback from LBYC’s Fleet Captain, Camille Daniels. What an awesome accomplishment at this elite level. Long Beach Yacht Club is a big supporter of women’s sailing with our signature women’s events, Mayors Cup and the Linda Elias Memorial One Design Regatta and the Sailing Foundation’s Sea Gals program. Sally and Team Magenta 32 are thetalented most recent all women teams to have competed at Congressional Cup, her predecessors beingtheJJ Fetter and the Betsy Allisonteams. Actually, what really is truly specialabout Sally is this is the second time she had been at Congressional Cup, this time as the first female WMRT Tour card holderand with an all women team. We are pleased to recognise and support the Magenta Project goals of promoting and mentoringfemale sailors and growing women profile sailors in highest levels of sailing. Of course, magenta project goals, particularly as it comes to inspiring young women to pursue their dreams to race around the planet or whatever their goals can be.

In the UK, The Magenta Project partnered with the Dubarry Womens Open Keelboat Championships held on 4 June out of Hamble River Sailing Club. Here is some feedback from a team skipper. The partnership was well received by the competitors and the organisers and is something The Project hopes to replicate with the upcoming US Women’s Keelboat Championship in August and work in progress with a similar event in Australia. Seriously. It was great to work with plenty of teams to help them achieve their goals for the weekend, this means there is often little exposure to roles of responsibility and afterguard positions, which mostly resonated around communication, teamwork and performance.

Last weekend in France Dee Caffari lead an all female team from Oman Sail competing in La Normandie Cup.

That is a really positive shift in diversity in the fleet which we hope will continue, this is the first time in the single history handed Figaro Bénéteau class that there was five female competitors. Notice, the five girls from varying nationalities are Justine Mettraux, Cecile Laguette, Mary Rook, Sophie Faguet and Claire Pruvot. They were continuing to work on their performance this time in European waters, earlier in the year the same crew competed in the Sail Arabia Tour.

Staying in France, the Offshore second event Elite Solo Championships held in the Figaro Bénéteau class starts in Deauville on 19 June, La Solitaire Bompard -Le Figaro race consists of 4 legs including stopping in Cowes, UK and finishing in La Rochelle. Europe, Liz Wardley who is skippering the Volvo 65 ‘Vestas’ for a series of corporate sailing events in collaboration with Volvo Group, has had extremely positive feedback from Volvo’s clients with regards to their experiences on board and being able to share first hand what sailing a V65 is really like. Follow here.

Next week we may be following Carolijn Brouwer as she competes in the AClass World Championships being held in Medemblik in her home country, The Netherlands. While having taken up Moth sailing since completing the Volvo Ocean Race, will compete in her first official event, Sail Brisbane to be held on 9 July, she’s aiming to be p girl in the fleet, next month, Stacey Jackson. Lets hope the weather calms down from the current situation on Australia eastern seaboard.

Our talks program is going strong, earlier in the year Sophie Ciszek addressed a record 94 girls at Girlsail 2016” event in Melbourne, the girls were mesmerised by Sophie’s Team account SCA Journey.

Talks have also been held to corporates in the UK and the Marine Industry in the US. Looking further ahead, plans are being finalised with regards to The Magenta Project teaming up with Cowes Week, in particular Ladies Day on Tuesday 9 August which aims to showcase female achievements in sailing, in order to inspire other women to take part at any level. Furthermore, coming up in Australia, Stacey Jackson going to be the keynote speaker at Yachting South Australia’s, SA Sailing Sisterhood launch, which hopes to inspire and encourage female sailors across the State.

AWESOME round up and work, ladies! Enjoy following all of these different adventures of yours, proof positive of your impact on women in our sport now and in the future…keep up that good work. Enjoy following all of these different adventures of yours, proof positive of your impact on women in our sport now and in the future…keep up that good work. Good luck to everyone on all your different exploits! AWESOME round up and work, ladies! Volvo female team! Volvo female team! It is good luck to everyone on all your different exploits!

Solving Issues With The Related Posts Feature – How To Display Related Posts On Your WordPress Website

MH Purity WordPress Theme is ideal to create stylish online magazines, news websites, professional blogs or other editorial related projects.

The theme is built with performance and SEO best practices in mind and comes with custom widgets, advanced and easy to use theme options, color options to create your own color scheme and many more. Although, this is an additional demo of MH Magazine WordPress Theme which shows how you could use this nice magazine theme to create beautiful and feminine online magazines about fashion, beauty, lifestyle or other ladylike topics. With this popular magazine WordPress theme you can create neat and stylish editorial websites.

Please see the following support article for more information, recommendations and possible solutions to any issues that might occur while displaying related articles on your website, if you are using WordPress themes by MH Themes and if you encounter any issues with the built in related posts feature of your WordPress theme. This feature shows a nice selection of related articles to your audience after they have finished reading a particular post. The related posts feature can therefore help you keep visitors on your website and lead to an increase in page impressions. Some of our magazine WordPress themes have a built in feature to display related posts below the post content. That’s right! Solving issues with the related posts feature.

The related posts feature displays posts based on tags.

That means it is very important that you tag your articles properly in case you’d like to use this feature the right way. With every page impression there will be other related articles shown below the post content, in addition we have implemented the related posts feature to display random articles instead of a fix post order. Please ensure that you’ve enabled the related posts feature in your WordPress dashboard, if the related posts are not showing up by default below your post content. This is very simple, because whenever you have tagged your articles correctly, the related posts function will display other articles that have tags in common. Oftentimes for the MH Magazine theme, this is option can be found under Appearance Customize Theme Options Layout -Posts/Pages in your WordPress dashboard -for other themes, the path might be slightly different.

Please always keep the tags short and meaningful, when tagging your posts. You should take into account that the related posts feature can only be as good as you tag the articles on your website, as a basic rule. Whether it is a built in feature or a 3rd party plugin, one is to ensure the related posts feature is enabled. You ought to tag your articles correctly and that means your articles could be tagged with suitable tags only and actually tags might be kept short and meaningful to use this feature in the most efficient way. However, there are a few things you should advised when making builtin use related posts feature in your WordPress theme, with an intention to sum up. So, adding tags of several words or even as long as full sentences won’t work well and usually also won’t look very appealing on your website. Your related articles won’t make sense either, if tags don’t make sense. We usually recommend to use tags with a length of up to two words.

Hello, I can’t eliminate related posts at my bottom blog posts.

They don’t show in the dashboard but are still showing on the site. Solving issues with the related posts feature. That means you have to check your settings within the JetPack plugin to disable the related articles. Thanks, Jill Hi Jill, you’ve already disabled the builtin related posts section in your theme.

By the JetPack plugin you are running, the related posts which you still see on your website are not provided by the theme itself. For more information about related posts, please see also.

This is an additional demo of MH Magazine WordPress Theme which shows how you could use this versatile magazine theme to create vibrant and dynamic news portals or online newspapers. Thanks to the fully widgetized front page you can present a lot of content to your readers in an organized and appealing manner. This article covers using basics the builtin related posts feature to suggest content to your audience by displaying related articles on your website and we’re also going to show you some alternatives to the built in related posts section in your WordPress theme.

It is very likely that you haven’t tagged your articles the correct way, if you have already enabled the related posts feature and if there still are no related posts shown on your website.

In case you are interested to use an alternative plugin instead, you could for instance have a look at the Another Related Posts Plugin. It is recommended to utilize it, because in that case you won’t have additional bloat and the related design posts section usually will match the design of your theme, in the event you have this feature already builtin with your WordPress theme. There also are several plugins available to add a related posts feature to your WordPress website. For more information about how this feature works and why you have to tag your articles, please read as we’ve covered information about tagging your posts within this article as well.

See This Help About Formatting In Phabricathe R – Phabricathe R/Help

Some teams might choose the assign Tasks the people while the Tasks are in a TODO column.

Assigning a Task the yourself before you are ready the work on it is a form of cookie licking. Phabricathe r supports some formatting in text areas. Others would have people assign Tasks themselves only at the moment that they are moving them from TODO the DOING. Nonetheless, see this help about formatting in Phabricathe r.

The advanced search forms are not explicit about the logic they use. They seem the use OR within a field, AND between different fields. Oftentimes phabricathe r notifies you about relevant activity, including your favourite actions. Let me tell you something. It’s sometimes possible the specify in a field inany, notin, via the authe completion suggestions. While receiving web notifications only for certain activities, or no notifications at all, you can finetune your email preferences the your taste.

See Uploading file attachments, Phabricathe r allows you the post and edit comments and descriptions using text formatting and inserting images or other files.

Popular use of markup includes. Users can also copy and paste images via their clipboard functionality system. Nevertheless, the upstream Phabricathe r instance hosts a Remarkup Reference for Phabricathe r’s own markup language. After the page you have a live preview the check whether your text looks as you expect. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. You can add a file the a comment or a task description via drag and drop with your mouse. Make sure you scratch a comment about it below.

There are several ways the upload files. Fact, you can use the olbar at the input the p text area and you can use Phabricathe r’s Remarkup. Furthermore, note that Phabricathe r’s own markup language is different from MediaWiki’s markup.

Phabricathe r offers the possibility the perform mass/bulk edits for tasks. After any Maniphest search query you will find a Batch Edit Selected the edit all the tasks you have selected using Shift click. Some ‘locally valid’ properties. Of course, users willing the use this feature need the join the Triagers group. Indepth knowledge of it might help searching better, As of 2016, Phabricathe r is using the MariaDB search backend.

There is also an advanced search for a lot of the other applications.

The public project should be authe matically added via requesting a global Herald rule. Note that you will still have the associate the corresponding public project the a task the make a task in a restricted Space the show up in search queries and the project workboard. A well-known fact that is. Use the Maniphest advanced search, in order the only search for tasks/ bug reports.

Note that this Resolved status is inherent the Task, and so will affect that Task’s appearance and behavior in every Project it is in. The search field in the upper corner allows searching across all these applications. This is independent of which column a Task might be in, in any given Workboard. It could also be in the 2017 column somewhere else. Another DOING column, a Task should be Open, and could’ve been in the DONE column of one Workboard. Phabricathe r consists of several applications.

If this isn’t available on your system you can use phabricathe r.

For more formatting options, visit Remarkup reference. Enclose the ID in braces, in order the include the file in the comment. Yes, that’s right! You could also add a text panel the your homepage with a direct link, if you have the upload files frequently and consider the currently available options uncomfortable. F123 in a comment. Add the corresponding command, in order the set a project. This will create a link the file. You can also create tasks by sending email the task@phabricathe r. Per default it’s included as thumbnail. Further commands the set the task assignee, priority or status via email are available. Then, the subject should be used as task title, the body should be used directly as is, and attachments should be included on the task.

Set the Created After field the -24 hours or -1 day, with an intention the get a list of tasks which were created in the last 24hours. Use the Reference field in the advanced search or just add 2000, if you want the in the event you’d like the search the task corresponding the a specific Bugzilla report. Eventually, note that Updated Before actually means Last updated before and that absolute date values like 2014 11 26″ refer the UTC time while your time zone setting might be different. All Phabricathe r tasks migrated from Bugzilla have a Reference field that contains a value bz followed by the equivalent number report in Bugzilla.

Search query addresses are stable so you can save and reuse them.

While discussing a Workboard with someone not in the room, note that Workboard columns can also be sorted by the underlying Priority field, it is best the agree on and use the same sort order the avoid confusion. Eventually, set Current viewer, with an intention the make the user name dynamic in searches that you’d like the share with others. You can share the address in your web browser’s address bar with other people, via posting the link on a wikipage. Remember, choose Natural sort, and then ‘draganddrop’ Tasks up or down within a column. Generally, this allows a groomed backlog the be sequenced by priority, or could indicate items urgency in a Needs Review column. Within a Workboard, Tasks can be arranged in a priority order within a column.

Each Task may be assigned the one person. These Tracking Tasks tended the stick around for a long time, as their subtasks would get resolved but new ones would get created. The assigned person is displayed as Task part card in each Workboard. In Phabricathe r, it would be better the create a Project the categorize this work type. This term was brought over from Bugzilla, where it had a specific meaning. An example might be a Task named Clean up the documentation, which might then have loads of subtasks, any of which would describe specific work the be done. Remember, the Kim in another, it is impossible the have a Task assigned the Robin in one Project. Then, this is inherent the Task, and affects every Project that Task is in, as with Priority.

Conpherence has an optional persistent window/column that can be shown and hidden with the keyboard key \.

Users may accidentally activate this feature, and it can only be hidden again by using the \ key. However, we improve our documentation based on the feedback received. Let me tell you something. If you have questions, dear Phabricathe r user, just ask in the Discussion page.

Phabricathe r offers tables showing the open tasks by priority and by either user or project. Phabricathe r doesn’t support further statistics, metrics, charts, reports or however you may call them, whether ‘built in’ or via a API, apart from that. Open the phabricathe r, if you ever need the delete a file that you uploaded. Phragile and Phlogisthe n are further reporting the ol options for Phabricathe r. It is authored, select the file and click Delete File in the sidebar.

Each Task has a Status field, which includes Resolved state.

Resolved tasks are by default hidden from Workboards. They appear grayed out and struck out, when they are displayed. Notice, see Phabricathe r/Creating and renaming projectsPolicy for default project settings. Anyways, please see Phabricathe r/Security for a general overview and for the Security dropdown option in tasks. Other statuses include Open and Stalled.

Diffusion is the Phabricathe r reposithe ry browser and reposithe ry management the ol. We want the replace Gerrit for code review and reposithe ry management, and gitblit for reposithe ry readonly mirroring. Usually, phabricathe r email settings panel. Right now, we’re mirroring a certain amount our Git reposithe ries the Phabricathe r for demonstration purposes. For instance, you can also define in your Email preferences for which specific actions in a task you would like the receive notifications. Nonetheless, prolific users might want the reduce email settings the a minimum, such as in File. There is more information in the Managing Phabricathe r Email user guide. You can opt out of project mail via the Disable Mail on the project’s Members page, as a project member.

Note that you cannot upload a file and then decrease the access level the file.

Obviously if there are multiple possible code reviewers, that model would not work. While making it clear who is responsible for moving that task forward, in the second case, the Task would be assigned the that person. Then, later, if the issue were waiting for someone the test it, or deploy it, or the run some specific task necessary for the Task the be completed, the Task will be assigned the that person. For example, after code has been written, it might needs a code review from some specific person. You would have the delete the file and reupload it with stricter access permissions. Nonetheless, it is recommended the upload files which should have restricted access the gether with a restricted creation ticket.

It is important not the mark a task Resolved until it is considered done by projects ALL it is in. Advanced users could also use arc upload which provides an F number that can be used via Fxx syntax the embed in a comment. With that said, before you mark a task Resolved, ensure that no other project still wants the track its progress, It’s fine the move a Task the your Workboard’s DONE column.

In Phabricathe r projects are tags, tags are projects.

Create Subtask feature. There is a Edit Related Tasks. Hierarchy via subprojects is available since February Tasks can be assigned the more than one project, and they can also be submitted without assigning them the any project. Parent tasks and subtasks are displayed under Task Graph in the task. Setting up the correct parent/subtask relationship, it also caries the CC list inthe new subtask.

Maniphest offers links the some predefined search queries. You can also search for projects by clicking the magnifier icon in the Tags field. Needless the say, in order the relate a task with a project that uses Phabricathe r, you just need the start typing its name in the Projects field and select the project from matching list projects. Click authored the get a list of tasks that you have created. Press Edit Query the search for projects. It is you can add one or more projects the Tags field. There is a list of projects available. You can also leave it empty triagers will take care of tasks that have no project set, if you are unsure.

Priority should normally be set by product managers, maintainers, or developers who plan the work on the task, or by the bugwrangler or experienced community members, not by the reporter filing the bug report or by outside observers.

See Phabricathe r project management for details. Each Task has a Priority field, which is reflected in Tasks sidebar color that appear in Workboards. As a result, note that this Priority is inherent the Task, and thus may be the same in every Project and Workboard that task appears in.

As Pointed Out By Idc – How To Predict The Success Of Your Cloud Project

Keeping cloud user applications at center of the development the center has also been found to be a key indicator of a successful cloud deployment.

Milne noted that organizations deploying clouds should recognize that issues such as application lifecycle management and automated provisioning will take care of themselves. Usually, with an eye to ensure a cloud success projects the key areas such as ‘end to end’ management, VM diversity, application lifecycle, provisioning, charge back, ‘multi cloud’ and environment awareness need to be addressed to increase the chance of project success. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|Doesn’t it sound familiar?|Sounds familiar?|right? user absence problems is most common among cloud deployments that are rated as successful, while user experience failure isn’t the most common issue in all cloud deployments. It is p performers typically plan for multiple VM platforms and multiple clouds and already have had some experience in fields such as automation, workload management and database deployment.

Milne ld us that there is no general picture of whether p performers have collected experience or have become immediately successful with their deployments. Whenever as pointed out by Milne, p performers use cloud services in categories such as self service development and resource, as well as scale out/scale up. External first deployments came up as project strongest indicator success. For example, he noted that 27 all percent those he surveyed have had ‘proofofconcept’ failures and that revisions are deal part. They are not uniquely enabling a project success, even if the experience in such projects can be higher than in other fields, while backup features are the most commonly deployed cloud implementations.

About 37 IT percent projects fail, in line with IDC.

Managing ITPI Director, new requirement skills, and a higher degree of automation is pushing this rate even higher for cloud projects, as pointed out by Kurt Milne. During the design phase, users’ needs might be considered, ITPI said. There are ways to minimize risks. Milne investigated 143 cloud project deployments, 28 which percent showed low rates of success, 48 which percent revealed medium success and 24 which percent saw high levels of success. Users gonna be included on the ‘proof of concept’ team during the development. The focus on the user is a permanent process that accompanies the entire project. Nonetheless, after the development completion, users going to be trained and managed to be able to consume IT as a service.

ITPI also recommends employing a product manager who monitors changing user requirements.

Top performing cloud deployment also have an ordinary feature set, and interestingly, they are less frequently deployed than standard features such as managing user rights. Larger projects have greater chances of attracting the resources and knowledge that is required to lead a project to success. Similarly, the entire focus area project also appears to be level indicative of the project success. While a business focused objective, the highest performing organizations were focused on highly visible projects with ‘C level’ executive exposure. Whenever in accordance with Milne, all these features used by p performers fall into the advanced feature category, especially relating to data center knowledge. ITPI found that going big is a great deal more beneficial to organizations as far as the project success is concerned, if you are wondering whether a small project has a higher chance of success than a much larger development.

He Was An Amazing Storyteller: ‘ Champion Of The Arts Mcleod Was ‘Amazing Storyteller

Van McLeod was a tireless champion for art and culture in all forms.

Those power stories to bring people together, sometimes people who were very far apart, was an inspiration. Then, the arts are an economic engine that drive this state I can’t count exactly how many times I heard Van say that over the 17 years I worked for him and he was all champion the people who make that true. Unwavering support for the creation and Center development for the Book at the New Hampshire State Library; and always making time to talk to anyone who had an idea about how to bring art and culture to the Granite State are just a few of the ways that Van strengthened New Hampshire arts, Creating opportunities for live theater through grants made to historic theaters. He was an amazing storyteller, and as in my opinion about his many stories I realize how much I learned from him about being an advocate for the literary arts.

The New Hampshire Writers’ Project will present the 12th New Hampshire Literary Awards on November 3, 2016 at a special reception and ceremony hosted by the New Hampshire Institute of Art in Manchester.

Books by New Hampshire natives, books by New Hampshire residents, and books that have New Hampshire as a prominent fact of their content are eligible. Read the most recent most recent info, tips, leads, interviews, reviews, resources, and other collateral, all focused on the support and promotion of NH writers.

Join our robust writing community of writers, readers, editors, agents, and publishers of all genres already in the New Hampshire Writers’ Project family. On July 18, 2016 New Hampshire Department of Cultural Resources Commissioner Van McLeod passed away at Concord Hospital.

Although. More important than his long tenure though, was his deep commitment to the arts in our state. Oftentimes confirmed as commissioner in 1992 he was, as he would say, the ‘longestserving’ commissioner in captivity.

Bringing Windows Mac Desktop Editions Docker Debuts: Most Developers Will Want Former

With developercentric success features in Windows 10 like Linux subsystem, direct support for Docker containers seems worth addingin a future version.

Docker for Mac and Windows is available in both stable and betatest editions much identical way Google offers Chrome browser. Those who prefer to experiment with bleeding edge features can select beta test edition, most developers will want toformer.

In earlier changes, Swarm orchestration technology was directly integrated into Docker, where before it was an add on. User feedback also led company to add workflow features like ability to live debug running containers with IDE integration. Needless to say, apple Hypervisor Framework on Mac and Microsoft HyperV on Windows. Originally, Docker desktop editions on both platforms used VirtualBox to provide a virtualized environment for running containers. You can find some more information about it on this site. It doesn’t have to be manually enabled, swarm mode runs faster, mainly by minimizing information amount that has to be written to each node’s data store and nowuses secure networking by default. Docker has replaced that with each platform’s native virtualization technology.

Under swarm modemoniker,this revision was a challenge to ‘third party’ orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes. Besides, changes in version 12 further enhanced swarm mode as a way to deploy a highly resilient application with nothing more than what’s in tobox.

Docker, both for desktop and server/ops,will be Docker formal introduction containers as a native component of Windows Server.

Docker for desktop wouldn’t be much good without Docker itself, so Docker for Mac and Windows come bundled with Docker latest edition Engine. Although it seems unlikely feature will trickle down to desktop Windows 10 users not now, That’s set to be a part of indows Server’s next release, at least.

Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows, which debuted as beta products earlier this year, provide developers on those platforms withsomethingthat had always seemed out of reach. Docker as a native application. Docker unveiled version 12 of its core ‘software containerization’ systemtoday, with first full desktop software editions for development on Mac and Windows machines.

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Q&Ampa With Jennifer Lynch – Standish Group Chaos Report: The Standish Group Has Redefined Project Success As Ontime

 latest projectsGet the InfoQ most out experience.

The results indicate that there is still work to be done around achieving successful outcomes from software development projects.

This table summarises projects outcomes over the last five years using the new definition of success factors.

The 2015 CHAOS Report has recently been released by the Standish Group. With agile take up development methods over recent years it was possible to compare project outcomes between agile and traditional waterfall projects. Nonetheless, while ranging from tiny enhancements to massive systems reengineering implementations, this year the report studied 50000 projects around the planet. This year the report includes an enhanced definition of success looking at some additional factors which were covered in previous surveys. The CHAOS Reports been published every year since 1994 and are a snapshot of the software state development industry.

Standish Group analysis over the last 21 years has been the identification and factors ranking which work gether to make projects more successful.

This year’s results show the following list and ranking of factors. The Standish Group has redefined project success as onTime, onBudget with a satisfactory result. We have seen many projects that have met the Triple Constraints and did not return value to the organization or the users and executive sponsor were unsatisfied. MerriamWebster dictionary defines success as getting fact or achieving wealth. The Project Management Institute has defined success as onTime, onBudget, and onTarget also known as the Triple Constraints and the Iron Triangle.

Notice that success is hard to define and we had a hard time coming to this conclusion.